what we treat

Backache, which affects 4 people out of 5 people at some time in their lives, is the most common condition treated by Osteopathy. Many other conditions such as headaches, neck and shoulder tension, joint strain, in the hips, knees, ankles, feet, wrists, elbows, shoulders and ribs also respond well. During pregnancy, when the change in posture is giving rise to pain and discomfort, many women find great relief in osteopathic treatment. This has the added advantage of avoiding drugs.

Sports men and women at all levels can benefit enormously. Some are anxious to get back to their sport as quickly as possible after injury, others may have a problem which is not giving symptoms but which is preventing them from functioning at their best and they are recording poor performances; they require fine tuning to reach their peak of fitness.

Osteopathy can help people with postural problems caused by driving, work strain or gardening, and can help people with mechanical problems associated with every age from the trauma of birth to the arthritis of the elderly. Backwell Dental Care’s Principle Osteopath Steven Harper has developed his highly advanced osteopathic and pain management techniques over the last five years in one of the top osteopathic clinics in the country. From this experience he is able to develop superior treatment programs for all musculoskeletal injuries, which are designed and specifically created to address the needs and concerns of each individual patient enabling them to achieve their goals and improve their overall lifestyle.

what we treat

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