Success Stories


Dental Bridge Patient - Ian's Story

“Paul, who treated me, was a dentist I had seen a number of times before and I was always very happy with the advice that he gave me, so I was very happy that he continued looking after me, he did a brilliant job and it all worked out really well. He explained and talked through not only the bridge work but alternatives if I didn’t choose to go down that route. So, in the end, I chose the bridge route but it was very well done.”

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Implant and Regular Check-Up Patient - Jo's Story

“When I first saw my smile after the crown being fitted to the implant, I was amazed at what a difference it made. My confidence was much improved and I can smile readily now. I’ve put up with lots bad front crowns for all of my adult life and even going back to my early childhood and now that’s all behind me so I’m a happy bunny.”

Implant and Regular Check-Up Patient - Graham's Story

“The advice I would give to potential patients is to have no worries whatsoever about the experience because I have never had a worry in the world about coming to this practice. I would recommend this practice to others because from beginning to end its totally friendly, efficient and very very professional. Highly recommended.”

Cerec Restoration Patient - Deidre's Story

“The advice I would give is to come along and either meet with Paul or with Patrick. They’re both approachable. Have a full assessment and find out what you need to have done and feel comfortable knowing that you’re getting the best treatment that you can.”

Dental Implants Patient - Jacqui's Story

“When I first saw my smile, it was amazing, it was the most emotional feeling in the world, you know, to suddenly see. I mean, I had really bad overbite as well, so I had, I suppose the best word for it is buck teeth and to have straight teeth and be able to smile and feel confident in your own body is just, you can’t describe it, it’s just an amazing feeling, it’s like winning the lottery.”

Dental Bridge Patient - Gabrielle's Story

The overall treatment from start to finish was absolutely brilliant, it didn’t take as long as I thought. Chris is so kind, he talks you through absolutely everything that’s happening, he doesn’t make you feel rushed, he’s ready for your questions., and he’s just lovely. Every member of the team is relaxed and very, very polite and considerate.

Multiple Treatments Patient - Mary's Story

The key benefits that I’ve had are the fact that my mouth, my teeth feel safe. I feel safe, with the treatment I’ve had I can smile instead of having a gap. I just feel confident myself, when I smile and speak to people. After my initial treatment, my first treatment where I had sedation, I was so pleased with what I could see, I felt so happy, I felt confident that once again I could smile without my teeth jiggling around.”

Dental Implant Patient - Claire's Story

“I’d recommend the practice to others because I feel that especially for nervous patients they understand it’s something you can’t help, it’s not something you are being silly about, it’s a genuine phobia, a genuine fear, so I feel that from that point of view they are brilliant, but also because they know what they are doing and they do it very well.”