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Before And After Photos

Here at Backwell Dental Care we offer tooth straightening and replacement fillings using composite and ceramic. This patient had their teeth straightened and the amalgam fillings replaced with ceramic inlays and composite fillings.

This patient was not happy wearing a large upper denture, which kept dropping down. Chris Charles placed 2 implant retained bridges to close the gaps of 4 front teeth and replaced a front crown to match.

Using composite filling materials Chris Charles has transformed this patient‘s smile. This technique does not require drilling away the tooth so is very conservative compared to porcelain veneers.
This patient was unhappy with the appearance of his teeth, and the colour. Chris Charles built up the front of his teeth with white filling material, Without taking a drill to any of the patients natural teeth

Patrick Kennedy saw this patient today and they were reflecting together how it did not seem 7 years since Patrick transformed her smile using an implant to replace the missing tooth and crowns to restore the remaining teeth. Today 7 years on from completing her treatment, the patient is still delighted with the result.

Using a combination of composite filling material, implants, and Zirconium ceramic crowns and bridges, Patrick Kennedy has transformed this patients smile and her ability to chew and they are delighted!

12 years ago Patrick Kennedy transformed this patient’s smile. As a regular attender the ceramic crowns have remained in great condition thanks to a good home oral hygiene routine and hygienist appointments with our dedicated team. If you are considering improving your smile please get in touch. We always strive to make our patients happy!

We use composite and ceramic filling materials to replaced old worn amalgam fillings. Here is one that Chris Charles replaced recently.

Chipped front teeth look unsightly and can chip further if left unrestored. Using tooth matching shade guides and composite filling materials Chris Charles restored this tooth.

Christopher Charles recently saw this patient who wanted to improve her smile. Chris replaced the existing bridge and added a veneer to bring out the upper right lateral. The patient is delighted that the dark shadows have gone and the teeth look more even now, whilst remaining natural!

Using composite bonding Chris Charles has transformed the teeth of this patient who is now confident to smile!

This patient wanted new crowns which had been there for over 10 years as he was not happy with the colour and he could see the edges. Chris Charles made some new crowns which were the correct length and had a much more natural appearance.

This patient was missing both upper first premolars. Chris Charles replaced them with implants and restored with ceramic crowns. The patient was delighted as using implants does not compromise the teeth either side which a bridge would.

This patient was not happy with the shade of his front tooth. He wanted to keep the spacing between his teeth the same but improve the colour and shape of his front teeth. Paul Bucknell replaced a veneer with a ceramic crown. now the front teeth are the same shade and the patient is delighted with the result.