Dental Fillings

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Before And After Photos

Here at Backwell Dental Care we offer tooth straightening and replacement fillings using composite and ceramic. This patient had their teeth straightened and the amalgam fillings replaced with ceramic inlays and composite fillings.

Using composite filling materials Chris Charles has transformed this patient‘s smile. This technique does not require drilling away the tooth so is very conservative compared to porcelain veneers.
This patient was unhappy with the appearance of his teeth, and the colour. Chris Charles built up the front of his teeth with white filling material, Without taking a drill to any of the patients natural teeth

Using a combination of composite filling material, implants, and Zirconium ceramic crowns and bridges, Patrick Kennedy has transformed this patients smile and her ability to chew and they are delighted!

We use composite and ceramic filling materials to replaced old worn amalgam fillings. Here is one that Chris Charles replaced recently.

Chipped front teeth look unsightly and can chip further if left unrestored. Using tooth matching shade guides and composite filling materials Chris Charles restored this tooth.