Sedation IV

IV sedation is a very effective and safe way of treating those with moderate to severe anxiety and even phobia. Treatment of anxiety in this way is so effective that it has replaced the use of general anaesthetic in general practice. In fact it is so effective that virtually anyone can be helped.

What does IV sedation involve?

This technique involves the use of a small cannula (needle) placed in the back of the hand or the arm through which a sedative is administered prior to treatment.

As a patient you are conscious for the entire procedure, but don’t let this put you off. You will experience an extremely relaxed state, to the point of drowsiness. Many patients are more than happy to take a nap during treatment. IV sedation is not intended to put you to sleep or make you unconscious like a general anaesthetic, you just feel so relaxed and oblivious to your surroundings that you are happy to doze off. Because of this time passes in what appears to be minutes, even when undertaking many hours of treatment.

Cost £295


What our Patients Say

“I was recommended to Patrick at Backwell Dental Care having been severely traumatised by some difficult health and dental problems. I was completely phobic and unable to even think about undergoing the treatment I needed without triggering extreme anxiety.

Patrick suggested iv sedation, I was even scared about that but my fears were completely unnecessary. The experience was amazing, it felt like just a few minutes although the treatment took an hour and a half. I suffered no pain and was completely relaxed afterwards. What a relief!

I have no hesitation whatsoever in advising this procedure to anyone who is experiencing similar difficulties. Patrick and the team at Backwell Dental Care are fantastic, amazingly understanding and caring – I simply cannot thank them enough.”


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“The issue I was having with my teeth previously to come into Backwell dental practice was mainly to do with my previous dentist, who, because I have a gag-reflex couldn’t cope, he just couldn’t cope with me and instead of treating the teeth he just used to pull them out, so when I came to see Patrick, after having a look around and feeling comfortable with the practice and the staff that I met because I think that is very important, we agreed that sedation is the best method for Patrick to do all the treatment that was required.

The treatment I had done, was, I had two implants put in my lower jaw which was absolutely terrific, because it got rid of a brace that was in their previously, and they haven’t caused me any problems at all since.

My thoughts on the dentists here – my main dentist is Patrick Kennedy and he is fantastic, super. I’ve been with the other two dentists also for treatment when I’ve had an emergency, they’re absolutely great. From reception, nursing, dental treatment, hygienists, terrific. I would have no hesitations whatsoever in sending anyone here, recommending it, absolutely.

The key benefits that I’ve had are the fact that my mouth, my teeth feel safe. I feel safe, with the treatment I’ve had I can smile instead of having a gap. I just feel confident myself, when I smile and speak to people. After my initial treatment, my first treatment where I had sedation, I was so pleased with what I could see, I felt so happy, I felt confident that once again I could smile without my teeth jiggling around.”

Mary – Dental Sedation Patient

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