Implant and Check Ups Patient – Graham


“The problem I had, which I consulted Patrick on when I came in for a 6-monthly check-up, was a gap in my lower right-hand Jaw: 2 or 3 teeth missing from dental situations over the years.

He advised an implant and a bridge and that was carried out most efficiently and therefore rectified the problem that I had before.

Patrick the dentist who treated me, operated on me most efficiently and I felt very comfortable with his work, we are on first name terms which I enjoy. I appreciate very much because it could be otherwise a stressful situation.

The benefit of having the treatment done was to make it easier for me to eat and chew, which I didn’t have before on the lower right-hand side of my jaw. It is much more comfortable eating and I don’t even think about it now.

The advice I would give to potential patients is to have no worries whatsoever about the experience because I have never had a worry in the world about coming to this practice.
I would recommend this practice to others because from beginning to end its totally friendly, efficient and very very professional. Highly recommended.”

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March 2021
We continue to remain OPEN during the new lockdown and wish to inform you
that travel for dental care is allowed under the new lockdown rules.

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