Implant and Check Up Patient – Jo

“The problem I was having before I had my treatment was with a front crown and I’d had this problem for many, many, many years and had unsuccessful crown replacements. I came to this dentist and he recommended an implant so that’s what I went for. It was quite a long-winded procedure, but the results were really, really good.

My thoughts on my Dentist, Patrick, is he’s phenomenally experienced and skilled. He is very professional, as are all the nursing staff and hygienists that I visited. They’re actually very humorous, put you much at ease, and nothing is too much trouble for them. I can highly recommend Patrick and his team.
I found, certainly after having the crown implant, I don’t have any issues around the gum margin that I use to have before I had the implant. My mouth feels a lot better. I think my smile is a lot nicer and just my general dental health is much improved.

The advice I would give to any future patients considering this practice is just go ahead and join. The practice will treat you professionally, and the service and the care is second to none. I highly recommend them.

When I first saw my smile after the crown being fitted to the implant, I was amazed at what a difference it made. My confidence was much improved and I can smile readily now. I’ve put up with lots bad front crowns for all of my adult life and even going back to my early childhood and now that’s all behind me so I’m a happy bunny.”

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