crown & bridgework

The technique for crowning a tooth utilises the entire tooth surface to alter the appearance or to build up something that is too broken down or weak to withstand normal chewing forces. Crowns are made from a number of materials including high strength ceramic, a combination of metal and ceramic or a high gold alloy alone. All ceramic crowns made of materials such as Procera can produce near perfect results.

The same technique used in crowns, can be used to fill up the spaces where teeth are missing. This is called bridgework. Using this technique teeth adjacent to a space are prepared as with crowns and the bridge is made linking the false tooth to the crowns as one unit. This is then bonded into place such that it functions like the original teeth.

Here an Adhesive bridge is used to restore a missing tooth in a young girl, who also had her teeth whitened.

Crown and bridgework

Before an adhesive bridge and teeth whitening

Crown and bridgework

After an adhesive bridge and teeth whitening