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Wrinkles and lines on the face are all part of the natural ageing process. To help us slow down this process there are several non surgical procedures available. We offer various different types of treatment at the practice; each will give your face that younger smoother look.

line reducing injections

What is it?
Botox is a brand of medication using purified toxin produced by a bacteria to temporarily inactivate nerve endings that cause muscles to contract. The doses used for facial lines are tens of thousands of times less than the toxic dose for a human so no danger is associated with injection of the preparation. It does not spread through the body and has been used very extensively and safely for about twenty years. It does not produce perfection, but will virtually always improve the facial appearance and produce a calmer, younger look to the face.

How it is used?
The treatment is given by a sequence of precise injections into the affected areas. A small amount of local anesthesia is used to make the procedure completely comfortable. It takes two or three days for the full effect to be seen. The most common areas to be treated are the forehead, ‘crows’ feet around the eyes and the frown lines between the eyebrows. The upper half of the face.

How many treatments are needed?
Four treatments are usually given in the first year at three monthly intervals.

dermal fillers

What is it?
Dermal fillers are gels made from the natural substance hylauronan. This is injected just beneath the skin surface to replace the collagen and hyaluronan support layer which has deteriorated. It instantly supports your skin, smoothes wrinkles and scars, corrects skin contour deficiencies and improves facial lines typically found between the eyes and around the mouth area.

How is it used?
A few simple injections can help fill in and smooth away lines and other skin deficiencies. It is most commonly used in the lower half of the face to enhance and emphasize the borders of the lips, contour your skin and cheeks and to recreate a youthful smile. As with the line reducing injections a small amount of local anesthetic is used to ensure complete comfort during the procedure. The effect is instant with only a small amount of redness of the skin which usually wears off within a couple of hours.

We have a number of other treatments which can help, book a consultation with our Specialist Facial Aesthetics therapist.

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