Dental Implants Patient – Jacqui

“So the problem I had before my treatment was that all of my teeth had become loose, I had really, really bad gum disease and this was because I had a massive phobia of going to the dentist, and I had gone to Florida funnily enough on holiday and had to go and have emergency treatment in America. She said to me ‘they’ve all gone, you need them all out and you’re going to need dentures’. So I had pretty much all of my teeth removed, so every single one apart from four. I had to wear dentures for three months and then after the gums had healed they fitted me with implants.

The overall treatment was just amazing, the care in between visits, if I was concerned there was always somebody at the end of the phone to talk to me. When I was actually having the treatment the concern and the care they showed me because of my phobia, I had to be sedated, so there would always be a nurse with me with Patrick. I just can’t fault them, I’ve got over my fear, I come to the dentist now with nothing.

When I first saw my smile, it was amazing, it was the most emotional feeling in the world, you know, to suddenly see. I mean, I had really bad overbite as well, so I had, I suppose the best word for it is buck teeth and to have straight teeth and be able to smile and feel confident in your own body is just, you can’t describe it, it’s just an amazing feeling, it’s like winning the lottery.”

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