Dental Implants Patient – Claire

“My issue has been always to do with the fact that I had really bad gum disease from a young age, and I’ve had problems with different dentists and basically I’ve become terrified of dentists. And my sister came to this practice and she said that Patrick was brilliant so I thought I would give it a go. And what I liked about what he said to me was that he was saying that he is looking at the functionality of my teeth, so he’s not just looking at how they look, but he’s looking at how they work and that was more important to me at my age than anything else. I’d lost a lot of teeth, [a lot] had been taken out, and what I’m having done, and today is my last go, I’m having new teeth being put in and the teeth here are all gone, I have a bridge and they’re going to be replaced, and this tooth that sticks right out, he is removing that today and putting a little bridge on that. So, it’s going to be fabulous to be able to bite and chew and not be terrified because he’s so good.

The benefits since having the treatment means that I can eat more easily, my gums are in much better condition and I’m feeling much more confident with my mouth.

I’d recommend the practice to others because I feel that especially for nervous patients they understand it’s something you can’t help, it’s not something you are being silly about, it’s a genuine phobia, a genuine fear, so I feel that from that point of view they are brilliant, but also because they know what they are doing and they do it very well.”

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