Dental Bridge Patient – Ian

“The problem before the treatment was that I had a broken tooth. It was on a molar which I would normally have chewed on so it couldn’t be left as it was. So, I was hoping that they may be able to repair with a filling or something, but unfortunately it was past repairing so that was when we decided we go through bridge treatment.

When I had the bridge done of course it gave me the chance of alternating between both sides eating food, which made it much more comfortable.

Paul, who treated me, was a dentist I had seen a number of times before and I was always very happy with the advice that he gave me, so I was very happy that he continued looking after me, he did a brilliant job and it all worked out really well. He explained and talked through not only the bridge work but alternatives if I didn’t choose to go down that route. So, in the end, I chose the bridge route but it was very well done.

I would recommend this practice, bearing in mind I’ve been coming here for 50/55 years – that says something.

The fact that I could probably find somewhere a lot closer to me and that I’m still very very happy coming here due to the way I have been looked after.”

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