Dental Bridge Patient – Gabrielle

“The issue I had with my teeth before the treatment was the bridge which was replaced by Chris was very old and obviously starting to look it and was becoming loose. I also had a tooth that was a bit behind so was always in shadow, so whenever I’ve looked at photographs I’ve sorted of grimaced a little bit at the effect.

The treatment I had done, Chris replaced the bridge with one that is obviously more up to date with modern techniques so it looks much more natural. He also put a veneer on the tooth that was always in shadow so now when I smile – Like that! – I think I look great.

The overall treatment from start to finish was absolutely brilliant, it didn’t take as long as I thought. Chris is so kind, he talks you through absolutely everything that’s happening, he doesn’t make you feel rushed, he’s ready for your questions., and he’s just lovely. Every member of the team is relaxed and very, very polite and considerate.

The benefits – basically, I feel more confident and I smile so much more, and when I look at the photos I smile again because they are just great.”

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