Cerec Restoration Patient – Deidre

“The problem before I had my treatment was I was eating something and I felt like something had cracked in my tooth. And so I then felt that there was something wrong in the large tooth at the back and a bit was missing. So I looked to have an emergency appointment right away. I see Paul and he’s been looking after me for four years now. I have quite a phobia of dentists and I wasn’t looking forward to it but he’s got such a calm approach, he always explains everything to me, I never feel stressed, I always feel comfortable and I’m no longer worried about coming to the dentist.

Process of the treatment was really good. I rang and got a same day appointment. I went to see Paul, my dentist, who put in a temporary crown. Two weeks later I came back, he did a scan and he actually was able to make the prominent crown there and then. I waited for an hour, came back in, the Cerec crown was put in beautifully and fitted and that was it. I got it all done the same day. I was really pleased with it.

The advice I would give is to come along and either meet with Paul or with Patrick. They’re both approachable. Have a full assessment and find out what you need to have done and feel comfortable knowing that you’re getting the best treatment that you can.

I would recommend this practice to others and have done on many occasions, with friends and family as well. I don’t think there is anything better than a recommendation from your own experience and my experience has been really positive.”

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